Her top, my bottom. Lmao. #cross #fashion #igersmanila #instahub

Her top, my bottom. Lmao. #cross #fashion #igersmanila #instahub

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Erdel Jean. RN title attached on my name wherever I go. Ejhay is what they call me. A daydreamer and a dream chaser. I love singing and I make covers whenever I want. I dreamed to be a STAR but I ended up collecting it. I tend to be psycho at times but I'm always stuck with my sanity. I'm a frustrated dancer but I'm working on it. I write fan fictions and it depends on my mood. I know Hangeul. I'm a Kpop fangirl, 슈퍼주니어 is my major fandom. I'm an ELF. I'm a Poreotics fan, too. Dancing, singing, writing or whatever it will be... just love it, don't hate it. The wise men follow the stars, the way I follow my heart.



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